General Federation of Women’s Clubs

GFWC-NC Membership

The GFWC-NC is committed to strengthening and retaining our membership. Women of all ages, backgrounds, and interests work together to make their communities, their state, and their nation a better place in which to live. Any woman who desires the opportunity for the fellowship and fulfillment that come from volunteering is welcome. Through Federation involvement you can develop talents, abilities, and skills which united with a common goal enables clubs to make an impact in their communities.

General Clubwomen (18 years old and over): The North Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs was organized May, 1902, when representatives of seven clubs met at Salem College in Winston-Salem to "unite the Women's Clubs of North Carolina into a state-wide charitable organization for the promotion of education and activities in civic, cultural, educational, and social welfare for the betterment of the commonwealth." The name of the organization was changed May 1998, to GFWC of North Carolina, Inc. to better identify the North Carolina Federation with its parent organization. GFWC-NC is composed of local clubs who today are united into a statewide volunteer organization for the promotion of education, community service, and to provide leadership development.

Junior Clubwomen (18-45 years of age) or General Club, with a Junior Department: GFWC-NC Juniors were added to our organization in 1926. During the formative years, Junior Clubwomen were aged 16-25, with the age limit moving to 30, then 35 and now at 45. Junior Clubwomen are active in their communities, the state, and the nation. Leadership training and charitable contributions are key to Junior Clubwomen.

Juniorette (middle school and high school): GFWC-NC Juniorettes are young women, middle to high school age, working together to meet the needs of their communities through volunteer service projects. Since 1969, GFWC Juniorettes have sharpened their leadership skills and put their idealism to work in projects that benefit children, families, and communities, while having FUN!

Member-at-Large: GFWC-NC Member-at-large status is for persons interested in maintaining membership in the GFWC-NC after their club has disbanded, or where no federated club exists. The single purpose of the member- at-large status is to promote continuous GFWC-NC membership.

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